It was truly a family event: Dads and Moms and sons and daughter, uncles and cousins, all riding together in a little slice of paradise known as St.Cathryn’s.

The Biggar’s and The Clark’s, The Abbott’s and The Patel’s all converged on Paradise this wonderful autumn morning, to celebrate the new CSB range of MTB, in its intended environment: The wooded outdoors.

On arrival we were treated to a yummy breakfast roll at The Tee and Sandwedge Café/Pub which helped take the edge off the drive up from the suburbs.

After registering for the fun ride we were given a briefing of the property and the route options by Oom Piet Nel and also some handy tips on off-roading by Malcolm: “the steeper the descent, the further back you need to stick out your butt…”

Tackling the 7km Loop first and then the 12km Loop took us all morning, with a short refreshment break in between.

Both routes were very clearly marked and every significant turn was signposted. The shorter Loop is very beginner-friendly with little Climbing and nothing too technical, while the longer option has a bit more of both, just enough to get the heart rate up but nothing too hectic.

Returning to base without any incidents, except for Bruce making sure he fulfils his quota of “One Ride One fall” and Mel repeatedly stopping to “Go Find My Heart rate…because I must have lost it halfway up that climb….!”, we all pronounced the ride as a 5 Star and the CSB bikes as “TOPS”.

Thank you to all involved in the event, and Congratulations to Malcolm and Neil on your new brand.

Written by Aroon