Farmers Agri-Care Monthly Mugs

The Mug is a MEDAL competition but we also have an “Individual Stableford” competition running for a smaller prize. You may enter either the Mug or the Ind stab competition or both. The main prize is a meat hamper and engraved glass coffee mug for the Farmers Agri –Care Mug and a secondary smaller prize is for the Ind Stab comp. 

Please enter either one or both of the competitions before tee off : 

Cost Mug – R125 ; Cost Ind Stab – R30 ; Half Time – R 20 ; Total R 175

Cost Mug only – R125 ; Half Time – R20 ; Total R145

Cost Ind Stab – only R125 ; Half time – R 20 ; Total R 145

Farmers Agri-Care Monthly Mug 


Summer tee of Times : January – April and October – December 10H30 onwards.

Winter tee off Times : May – September 10H00 onwards.

If on any of the Mug days you would like to tee off earlier because of other commitments feel free to ask, and where possible we will accommodate you.

The Grand Prix is an invitation to all Monthly Mug players to gain points on entering the mug and points are allocated on the position you ended ie. 15 Points 1st 10 Points 2nd 9 Points 3rd etc and by winning the Captains Putter (last position) you receive a point and even for apologising for not being able to play – you score a point.

A trophy and prize is handed to the winner at the AGM for the Winner – “you must enter to be able to win the Grand Prix”.

Triangular Series

The Triangular series is played against two other clubs:  Mandeni and Darnall. The home game date is set but the other dates are to be confirmed. Nobody gets selected to play – you volunteer to play and you are in the team. Format Individual Stable ford. Cost R150 per player includes green fees, halftime and a light lunch Prizes are also awarded. The winning club is decided on the average Ind Stab points scored per team per player achieved.

Mascor Club Championship

The Mascor Club Championship is played over the two days recommended by KZNGU. The format is MEDAL and the player with the best Gross becomes the Tuta Carriers Club Champ. The divisions are Mens A, B, C and Ladies.

Match Play Championship

The top eight Gross players go through to the Match Play Championship played over two days and here the Match PlayChampion receives a Trophy, Blue Jacket and prize. The Blue Jacket has been in the Nel family for 75 Years and stays with the club. Format : Match Play: If your company would like to become the Naming sponsor for the match play championship please speak to Piet.

KZNGU Interclub

Interclub is when our club competes against other KZNGU affiliated clubs and this year we play on the South Coast. A team consists of three players and no one is selected to play but you as golfer are required to make your self available. The club pays the entrance fee and each golfer is responsible for paying his accommodation, food, liquid refreshments and travelling. Format Medal Stable ford.

St Cathryn’s Classic

The St Cathryn’s Classic is the main fundraiser for the club and here we ask members to please get involved by recruiting players and sponsors. The format is 4BBBS and good prizes are awarded as well as a Floating Trophy. Where possible we as club will assist to send out sponsoring letters on your behalf. All the funds raised are used for course maintenance, repairs and if needed upgrade to equipment.

Boertjies & Pommies vs Europe & Africa

“….call it what you like a traditional golf competition played at courses over the world. Some call it Ryder cup the others the Presidents cup here we call it what we want to. Determine where you come from and play for that Nationality!!!”

Green Keepers Revenge

Its time for the Green keeper to get his own back. Wait and see how easy we make the course! From easy to strange pin positions, tee off from the island, men use the ladies showers etc etc ….!!!! Format 3Ball alliance  American Scramble. It’s Fun!

Our Family Day

This year we will travel to Eshowe. Uncle Barry will show the wives ‘Eshowe “ and lunch will be at the  home of the ZULU BLOND beer. The format is 4 Ball Alliance , we draw for partners.

Kranskop Farmers 911 Golf Fund raiser

This one is where our farmers change their khakis for golfing attire and play in a nine hole fun golf day in aid of Golf 911. The Format 3Ball alliance American Scramble and is played over 9 Holes only. Non golfers are paired with a Golfing member and this is hilarious. Cost R150 including Halftime and supper.

Greytown GTN GC

Please look out for important golf competitions to be played in Greytown  – GTN GC. Let us support them and in return we ask them to support us.

General Information

Please get involved with our little club and we will try and make your golfing experience one to remember. There is so much that you could do. Although privately owned we appreciate your support and involvement and where possible will we try and implement suggestions.