The Farmers Agri-care Monthly Mug played on 24 September 2022, shuffled the Grand Priks points leadership around. The Bokke game in Durban drew players away from the mug and other members away on holiday.

The lead that Fanie van Wyk held, decreased considerably with Merwin’s win and Marius and Fritz edged forward. With two mugs to go, and  half a lamb on offer to the winner, we could have an interesting finish.


1st Merwin Rabe nett 74 o.c.o

2nd Josh Gifford

3rd Gareth Larkan nett 75

4th Vernon Hohls nett 76

5th Maruis Muller nett 77

Best Stableford: Fritz Volker 35 points

Captains Putter: Spook Moore

Nearerst to Pin 2/11th : Troy Gifford

Nearest to Pin 9/18th : Merwin Rabe

Best Scholar: Josh Gifford nett 74

Best Greytown golfer: Vernon Hohls.

The Grand Priks offers 15 points for the winner and the second place 10, 9 for third  and so on down to the Captains putter that could be awarded a point.

Grand Priks leadership board

1st. Fanie van Wyk 90 points

2nd .Maruis Muller 82 points

3rd .Fritz Volker 68 points

4th .Dieter Meyer 62 points

5th .Hannes du Plessis 60 points.

Next Farmers Agri-care Monthly Mug Saturday 8 October 2022 and on Saturday 15 October 2022 we are hosting the Quadrangular against Greytown Noodsburg and Mooiriver. Please let Dieter know if you would like to play in the Quad Team.