The current Lockdown loadshedding lifestyle that we have become accustomed to has caused havoc in the initial Grand Prix standing, when during the main pit-stop of the current standings, some of the important riders were left out in the “dark”… but we are back on track.

The current audited results are as follows and with the September, October and the November races left, the field has lots of scope to change the current standings. So good golf is to be played.

1st Maruis Muller 77 points
2nd Andre Liddemore 72 points
3rd Dieter Meyer 71 points
4th Fritz Volker 62 points
5th Tienie Muller 51 points
6th Andrew Nieuwoudt 48 points
7th ET Ntuli 45 points
8th Fanie van Wyk, Merwin Rabe and Piet Nel 40 points
11th Mariaan van Wyk 17 points
12th Mark Scott 15 points
13th Paul du Preez and Brent Barkhuizen 14 points.

This Saturday 12 September 2020 we are hosting a “Better Ball with a Twist Competition” Entries are to be given to Dieter Meyer, and carts are almost all booked out. Our Tuta Carriers club championship will be played on the weekend of 26 and 27 September 2020. The Wonderful Hermannsburg Golf Day has been postponed to early in 2021.

To book for golf please contact Piet 083 269 1661 and for the Competition to Dieter Meyer 082 877 9576.