A busy Farmers Agri-care Monthly Mug on Saturday 22 January 2022, kept the barman and halfway house staff busy with golfers and campers at St Cathryn’s. Some of the “golfing guns” from Greytown were also spotted in the field, as was Paddy O’Sullivan, one of the sponsors of the Farmers Agri-care monthly mug.

St Cathryn’s is happy and proud to be associated with Farmers Agri- care as the company is celebrating thirty years of service to the farmers… and golfers of the area. We wish them many more years of success.

Park Villa golfing members also played in the field and ultimately came to show the local golfers how to play St Cathryn’s.


1st Garth Labuschagne nett 68

2nd Mike Gillitt nett 71

3rd Dieter Meyer 74 o.c.o

4th Paddy O’Sullivan o.c.o

5th Marius Muller

Captains Putter: Fritz Volker

Longest drive 10th: Fanie van Wyk who had donated the prize, returned the prize for a lucky draw and was won by Hertzi Kassier

The other lucky Draw: Nicole Nieuwoudt

Best Stableford and Nearest to Pin 9/18 : Marius Muller

Nearest to Pin 2/11th : Vijay Roopai

Best Greytown golfer:  Paddy O’Sullivan

Best Visitor : Garth Labuschgne

On Tuesday the 11th January 2022, the KZN Turf Managers visited St Cathryn’s in their monthly visits to golf courses and then the discussion of the height of the rough was discussed. The rough’s height will always be determined by the type of grass used eg. veld grass, cynodon or kikuyu. It was found that the St Cathryn’s rough was not too bad, our rough 90% kikuyu grass. Comments were also made… there are large area’s –  6,5 ha in the case of St Cathryn’s of fairway… which after the green, the fairway it is the second most important part of the golf course and the suggestion was to rather try to stay on the fairway… that is the area closely mowed in between the rough areas!

In a fun golf competition between the Turf Managers and the Suppliers to the turf industry, the Turf Managers won 68 points to 65. 

The next Farmers Agri-care monthly mug will be played on 19 February 2022, and the first leg of the Earls cup will be played on  26 February 2022, and the following day the second leg to be played in Greytown.

To book for golf please contact Piet 0832691661.