The course has started “Greening up” thanks to the Welcome rain received in August. We have been busy verti-cutting the greens to remove all the winter thatch and have top dressed the “mounds” on the course. We have also spent hours working on the info needed for the new Course and Slope rating System which will influence your Handicap Calculation, that comes into effect on 3 September 2018. Under this system, your course handicap on any given day will be determined according to the difficulty of the course you choose to play. GolfRSA believes that this will be fairer than our current handicap which does not equalise the higher and lower handicaps well on a difficult golf course. It will also bring SA in line with the rest of the world when the World Handicap System is implemented and make our Handicap Index portable from country to country.

Handicap Index (HI) is an indication of the potential of the golfer. It will be calculated using the best 10 of your last 20 rounds (the same as present). The Course Handicap (CH) is the conversion of your HI for the Course you are about to play. It is the handicap you will play off for that particular set of tees and is obtained from the Registration Desk, Mobile App ,the HNA Terminal, or from the Course Handicap Conversion Chart (CHCT) at the club.

What do you have to do before each round you play? You need to decide which set of Tees ( White, Blue and Red at St Cathryns) you are going to play from. When you OPEN your round on our HNA Terminal, inform us at the club what set of Tees you have chosen, we will then give you your Course Handicap (CH) – or you can go to the Club Terminal, use your Phone App, or use the Conversion chart at the Club and look up your Course Handicap.

The Distance Markers – White, Blue and Red have been placed on the Tee-boxes to show where each holes distance was measured from. The info at each tee box and the score card info is a work in progress. Please feel free to ask us when you come to play.

To book for golf please phone Piet 0832691661.