With all the attention this week on our neighbour, Greytown golf club, celebrating their 125th birthday on Monday, the St Cathryn’s members have thrown their full support in the birthday celebrations with the highlight the Pro-am on Monday 17 February 2020, by playing in their special event. Golfers get the opportunity to play with a Professional golfer in a fourball. “Happy birthday Greytown Golf club to you and your members and thank you for the support you give to St Cathryn’s.”

This coming weekend – 22 February 2020, we play our third Farmers Agri-care Monthly Mug for 2020, and the “mugs” have arrived. The mugs we will be competing for have changed shape, and are now a beautiful beer glass. The change was made now that it has been proven scientifically that more people drink beer than coffee. (This statistic has not been tested on St Cathryn’s members.)

The grand prix is also in full swing and we have 21 competitors in that part of the mug. The grand-prix allows entrants to score points for the position they scored in the mug and by apologising for not being able to play, a point is scored could be a valuable point when all points are added up at the end of the year, and last year’s winner walked away with half a lamb.

To book for golf please contact Piet 0832691661.