The first Farmers Agri-care monthly mug was played on Saturday 16 December 2023. After more than 100 mm of rain fell during last week, a very wet course greeted golfers on the first tee. The rain fell on and off and one or two golfers wanted to make use of the Duckworth Lewis scoring system to get a result, but the competition had to continue. and the players persisted by playing, with an umbrella, as the 15th club in the bag. Duckworth Lewis is used in cricket to determine a result if the weather has affected the starting of the game or rain interrupted, but our one member commented “Jislaaik hierdie is eende weer” and thats where he got the Duckworth from…… !!

The official new Scorecard was released and Mark Scott was the first player with his name on the card as Player A. Thank you to CPS seedlings for sponsoring the printing of the cards. The new card was re-designed with the help of Lelanie Walters and Paul du Preez from Plennegy printing. The new card offers place to enter a golfers Handicap index, the handicap for the three ratings at St Cathryn’s, amended local rules in accordance with suggested golf terminology from GOLF R.S.A. as well as the official distances measured by a surveyor. Also a special two -club column and the minor stroke changes all contribute to the “new look”of the card.

On the course, the environmentally sensitive areas are indicated by a blue stake and penalty areas by red stakes, different rules now apply for both these areas.

1st Dieter Meyer nett 65
2nd Josh Gifford nett 67
3rd Fanie van Wyk nett 68 o.c.o
4th Hannes du Plessis
5th Matt du Preez 70 nett

Two clubs: Chip in from Matt du Preez and Andrew Nieuwoudt for an eagle score on their cards, joined by Josh Gifford with 2 two clubs and Dieter Meyer , all shared the kitty.
Captains putter: Petrus Nel
Nearest to pin 2/11th : Mark Scott
Nearest to pin 9/18th : Dieter Meyer
Nearest to pin for 3 on par 5 16th : Mark Scott
Nearest to pin for two on 8/17th : Gareth Larkan (missed the birdie putt.)
Best Greytown golfer: Richard Cyrus.

Sunday 17 December 2023, saw perfect golfing weather, clear sun shine and if a golfer stood still for too long, he could almost hear the grass grow. The mug winners for the 2023 membership year took to the course to play for the “Jug of Mugs” and the winners of the Captains putter’s were invited to play along side. Now in a small club like St Cathryn’s it’s not starnge to find a winner of a mug in one month, then finds himself on the Captain’s putter side of the board in another.

Results of the Jug of Mugs:
1st Hannes du Plessis nett 66
2nd Fanie wyk nett 67
3rd Maruis Muller net 73

Results of the Jug of mug Captains putter of putters:
1st Dieter Meyer net 75 o.c.o
2nd Josh Gifford
3rd Fritz Volker nett 88.
Results of the Grand Priks: (Points scored for playing in the mugs during the past year, as well of the results on the day): Maruis Muller.

Our new membership rates are out and members are requested to renew by 31 December.