Dear Golfer
Further to the recent communications on the changes to the Handicap Rules, effective from the 1st October, attached please find a printable Summary of the Handicap Rules.
The full version of the Handicap Rules can be viewed here.

  1. Please remember the following key issues:
    If you are using the HNA phone App, please update it so that it is compatible with the new GolfRSA Handicap Rules, effective from 1st October 2019.
  2. Please remember to make sure your round is Registered/Opened on the system by your club prior to play. If it has not been opened by the Club, you can Open/Register the round on the system using your phone App or the Club Terminal before you play.
  3. You have to register/open a round on the system before you can enter a score. If you have already played the round and wish to enter a score, you still need to register/open the round first before entering the score.
  4. There is a new 24-hour maximum time limit to enter a score, after which you will incur a penalty. The 24 hours starts from 23h00 on the day of play to 23h00 the following day.

Handicap changes include:

  1. Maximum Score – Net Double Bogey
  2. Average of the best 8 Differentials of the last 20 Rounds.
  3. Exceptional Score Changed
  4. 9-Hole Course Handicap and revised 9-Hole calculation
  5. All Match Play scores must be entered into the Handicap System

Please read through the summary manual to familiarise yourself with the changes.