Six of our St Cathryn’s golfers participated in the annual KZNGU inter-club tournament held over the weekend down on the South Coast. The Plennegy St Cathryns Team looked very smart as usual in their branded clothing – we would like to Thank our sponsors from Plennegy for their support to our Interclub teams every year.

The teams entered in the Frog division and Senior frog division. In the Senior Frog team a golfer must be over the age of fifty, and are then allowed to play golf on carts. The other frog team can be any golfer but to be able to use a cart a medical certificate must be produced.

The weather experienced was perfect golfing weather for the first round and then very windy and wet conditions did not assist the Plennegy St Cathryn’s team at all. The final result was that the senior frog team ended in 19th position and the frog team in 21st position.

Gerald Harrison wore the green “Not the winner” shirt for most of the weekend and eventually it fitted him like a glove. The green shirt gets handed to the golfer with the least amount of points on the day. Club captain Brent Barkhuizen had the shirt for one day but he was happy to hand it over to Gerald on Saturday evening.

This Friday we will have a bring and braai as we have a group staying that will be braaing. To book for golf and / or meals please phone 0832691661 or 0825552661.