The St Cathryn’s Valentines were no-where to be seen on the course on Sunday. The members are known for sticking to rules and to have spent the day on the golf course on Valentines day could have put the golfers on some serious home “Lockdown”… Some reported a romantic weekend away, others a candle-lit braai on Sunday and the more serious made breakfast in bed… and two of the lady members completely forgot.

This coming Saturday 20 February 2021 members are reminded about the Farmers Agri-care monthly mug to be played from 09h00 onwards.

The team to play in the “Earls Cup” on 27 and 28 February 2021, will make use of the opportunity as a final practise round. The Earls cup is played over two courses , over two days, between two teams- Greytown and St Cathryn’s.

One of the sponsors of the Farmers Agri-care monthly mug, Patrick o’Sullivan has had an elbow operation and the members wish Paddy a speedy recovery and hope to see him on the course soon. Come along Paddy, come try your Irish luck at St Cathryn’s.

The Grand “Priks” race that runs during the mug is well under way and members are reminded that by apologising for not being able to play, you score a point. Greytown mug supporters are welcome to join the race as a late entry.

Some serious changes on the course have happened naturally, with the main dam now over 100% full, for the first time in over five years. When in the past five years, one was able to play out of the low level dam on holes three and twelve, now the ball makes a different sound, “plop” and sinks to the bottom of the dam.

Brian Walker, the local water Guru, has been following the water level and we are waiting for a visit from Brian.

To book for golf please phone Piet 0832691661.