Andre Liddemore is going for the double Monthly mug win this coming Saturday 13 July 2019, when he attempts to win the Farmers Agri-care Monthly Mug, this is after his win over the weekend in Greytown. The July horse “Do it again” did the double by winning the 2019 July race also won it in 2018… so all take note Smiley alias Johnny Bravo… Andre Liddemore is playing hot golf.

This Saturday we will be playing the Farmers Agri-care Mug and all golfers, with a formal handicap, are invited to play in the mug in the medal or Stableford competition or play both.( Even if you haven’t got a formal handicap come take part in our winter special R220 per golfer for unlimited golf and cart included)

Our golf course is currently looking a bit dry and brown after the frosts we have received . The third green is taking a severe beating with geese damage and repairs are done on a daily basis. We now have two scare crows around the third and these seem to keep the geese away in the day, but during the night the geese don’t see the scarecrows and then they move in only to be bewildered at sun rise. Please note the scarecrows will allow you to play through… ha ha.

Other maintenance issues that are in process are the levelling of the White first and sixteenth tee boxes and repairs to the Blue 13th tee box.

On Thursday the long awaited re-rating of our golf course will take place when two gentleman, Gary Leader and Dave Cousins, will be visiting and playing St Cathryn’s,for re- rating purposes. Anyone available for a free round of golf on Thursday, please feel free to join us from 08h30 onwards. How long the actual administrative part of the new rating will take place and changes to the golf computer, is “ wait and see “ but we will keep you posted.

To book a place in the Monthly Mug or even to take part in our Winter Challenge – please contact Piet 0832691661.