It seems like a life time ago since our last report to the paper and members, and with limited news papers printed we decided to put the Virus aside and give you some of the news that happened over the last 36 days.

Many members took part in the “ Carona Covid 19” challenge of the egg, brown sugar and a tot of alcohol. The funny clips sent to fellow members made for great laughs and it is noted that the members that have not taken up the challenge, will be issued with a two stroke penalty on the next official round of golf.

Our “Virtual” Lockdown Medal golf game is still on, where members can select their best score on any hole played at St Cathryn’s. It is a fund raiser for charity at R10 per score per hole entered and we are still accepting scores, however the ladies members have not “teed off” as no lady scores have been recieved.

We are happy to report that our dam in front of the clubhouse is now officialy 100% full and a light frost has made it’s first appearance. The newly constructed island, reefs and dead tree in the dam have attracted many birds…. however whilst we all have been on lock down, the geese have made the 3rd green their new play park. They settle on the green in the night and have dug up large areas and have caused severe damage, and with limited staff on duty, patching of the greens have become a daily routine. With no golfers on the course, the people traffic would have chased the geese off the course. With limited greenkeeping staff available, we have continued with course maintance, the kikuyu rough is still lush and green and with stage four starting Monday, the staff will try their best to get ahead of the rough.

GOLFRSA presented the government with a well prepared document in their application to help to get golf courses open and we are all awaiting the announcement of the course being opened. Runners and dog walkers have now got the green light to walk and run out in the open, we are hoping golfers are the next to have relaxed rules.

In Belguim golf courses are opening from today and some of the local rules that would apply on a Park and play golf course called “Richtlijnen Pak and Play course”:

  • Bookings must be made Make use of sanitisation stations availble
  • No cash transactions Avoid slow play
  • Limited amount of golfers allowed on the course Don’t rake bunkers
  • No caddies available Toilets on the course will be closed
  • Social distancing rule of 1,5 mete All rubbish to be taken home
  • Please respect the green keeping staff Leave the flag in the hole – don’t remove
  • Cough and sneeze in the elbow No hand shaking after the round
  • The most important one is that the 19th hole is still out of bounds and golfers must go home after the round.

As soon as more news is avaialble as to when golf courses will be opened we will let you know. The next Farmers Agri-care monthly mug, should be played on the 15th May 2020, and it could be combined with the Tuta Carriers club champs. Please watch this space.