The Farmers Agri-care Monthly Mug made for some interesting numbers reading on Saturday 17 October 2020.

0: Number of golf balls lost by the greenkeeper
2: Ladies playing Mariaan van Wyk and Sue Harrison
3: Brothers’ Reeksting, three Father and sons in the field
6: Number of players representing St Cathryn’s at Interclub this coming weekend and were all in the field
9: The number of shots Dieter Meyer played on the 8th hole par 4
13: The number of shots “someone” played on the 6th hole par 5
19: Golfers in the field
24: kmh of wind
31: degrees sunshine hot weather
40: Points scored by Fanie van Wyk
65: Nett score by Brett Cyrus
72: The par for St Cathryn’s
80: Average nett score by all golfers
514: Distance in meteres of the 14th hole
100: Average shots played by all golfers
150: South African Rands won by Maruis Muller coming second in the mug.
190: South African Rands Ande Liddemore won in the two club competition.
350: South African Rands Brett Cyrus won by winning the mug.
1900: Number of shots played by all golfers
4738: Distance in meters off the Red markers
4980: Distance in meters off the Blue Markers
5663: Distance in meteres off the White markers

1st Brett Cyrus nett 65 (Grand father Earl Browing would have been very proud)
2nd ET Ntuli 69 nett
3rd Fanie van Wyk nett71
4th Piet Nel nett 72
5th Darren Reeksting nett 73
Best Stableford: Fanie van Wyk 40 points
Captains putter: Sue Harrison
Nearest to pin 2/11th Fanie van Wyk
Nearest to pin 9/18th Tienie Muller
Best Greytown golfer: Brett Cyrus
Two club Jack pot: Andre Liddemore.

Good luck to our St Cathryn’s team at the KZNGU interclub tournament to be played on the South Coast courses starting on Friday. The team has a mixture of golfing experience, Tienie Muller and Fanie van Wyk, Youth Josh Meyer and golfing durability and competitive players Brent Barkhuizen, Maruis Muller and Dieter Meyer. St Cathryn’s paid the entry fees but all golfers paid their own way and accommodation and we wish them well.