Dear Clubs,

It is very pleasing to see the golfing community exercising out on the fairways and their ‘ninja turtle’ photographs on social media.

However, please could you remind your members and visitors that the ‘new normal’ also means a new way of mastering the group or ‘selfie’ photos.

When taking photos, golfers (who are not from the same household) MUST observe physical distancing and wear masks. Those from the same household are encouraged to also wear their masks in the photos so as to help with educating others of this important safety measure.

It means a new look until we can get through the pandemic, but we need to continue doing everything possible to ensure Golf Is Safe and that all Risk Mitigation protocols are observed.

Thank you for ensuring that through this request Golf continues to lead by example #SafetyFirst #BeSafe #GolfIsSafe

To assist please see below a few good examples of how golfers creatively still capture their golfing moments.