The past two weekends saw some record breaking, back breaking “International” golf played at St Cathryn’s. On Saturday 28 November 2020, a tiring 72 holes of golf was played – all on one day, to put in perspective , that would be four full eighteen holes of golf, in one day, and to break it down further that would be eight times around the 9 Hole golf course. It was back breaking as towards the afternoon sessions one could notice the stiffness creeping in to the players.
The tournament, “THE RIDE ON” was part of the Wembley school parents association annual fund-raiser. Two teams, consisting of four players per team, dressed in their “national team” matching outfits played in a matchplay format. Local courses are used for this annual tournament, now in it’s fifth year but it was the first time St Cathryn’s hosted this prestigious event.
Gareth Larken, Josh Meyer, Nico Schneider and Dillon Reed represented the Americans,( although they still haven’t got a president back home in their country Trump should be out of office and Biden should be in the office.) were the overall winners against the European team consisting of Dieter Meyer, Jack Ridl, Pete Hardy and Paddy O’Sullivan. Some of the players were still reeling from the Brexit deal and that had a definite effect on their game, by going down to the president-less “USA” 5.5 points to “Europe” 2.5 points in the annual RIDE-ON Cup.
The almost “new normal” windy St Cathryn’s kept the golfers playing, chipping and putting……to do it over and over again, until sunset – when the day finally ended with a braai. The caddies did an excellent job, Callum Hull, Reuben Hull and Lee Pieterse and due to limited spectators allowed at tournaments, the two spectators Tubby Larkan and Megan Pistorius kept the golfers hydrated with drinks.
Golfers were also treated to meals through out the day supplied by the PA committee. Gary Tatton, arrived at 04:30 to meet and greet the golfers, allocated golf carts and then a cuppa coffee to set the players off. Piet and green keeping team Tokozani were out already Mowing the greens. Through out the day the Tee box markers were moved forward and further back to give the course a new feel every time the golfers teed-off for the new round and here and there the flags and pins were moved. All the players thanked their sponsors and supporters, back up catering teams and caddies.
On Saturday 5 December 2020 another “international” took place when RSA took on Swaziland also in a match play format. The players wore somewhat modern floral and stripy shirts and twenty one players, some for the very first time at St Cathryn’s enjoyed their day on the course. Local is lekker imports were Colin Corbishley, Dawie Pieterse and Ryan Kimber
This tournament was a two day event and started in Greytown on Friday and moved to St Cathryn’s on Saturday, where team Swaziland lead by 4-1. The brief was set the course up tough and to keep the drinks on ice, but team Swaziland found the course easy and walked over RSA. Spokesperson for team RSA, Colin Corbishley said in a statement afterwards their opponents made a birdie on the very last hole, to win the tournament and although his team showed immense courage and spirit to have fought back and then to lose on the very last hole!
For many golfers , new friends were made, St Cathryn’s recruited two new members and lots of return promises were made. Thank you to all the golfers on both weekends for their valued support.
The first Farmers Agri-care monthly mug for 2021 will be played on Saturday the 19th December 2020 and the report back AGM and members dinner will be held on Saturday evening. The Mug of mugs, and Jug of jugs will be played on Sunday the 20th and the family day away will be played at Camelot, near Hillcrest on Tuesday the 29th with a very early 7:00 tee- off.
To book for golf, The AGM and Members dinner, Family day away please contact Piet 0832691661