The St Cathryn’s Inter Club team consisting of:

Piet Nel, Mark Scott and Brent Barkhuizen representing the Snr Frog team and Dieter Meyer, Fanie van Wyk and Marius Muller representing the Frog team played at Selborne, Umdoni and Umkomaas over the weekend of 22 to 24 October 2021. 

A practice round was played at Selborne by four of the players with the Boere (Piet & Fanie) taking on the Souties (Mark & Dieter). 

The Boere won the day by 38 points to 32. Fanie was the individual winner on 27 points. Mark was the recipient of the Green shirt on 19 points.  

On Friday the Snr team played at Selborne scoring an impressive 100 points with Mark 34, Brent 34 and Piet 32. Mark and Brent shared the best round of the day. 

The Frogs played at Umkomaas scoring 90 points with Marius 32, Fanie 30 and Dieter 28, earning Dieter the green shirt for the day. 

 The Snr’s were lying 13th after day one needing a good second day at Umdoni to make finals as the leaders were on 111 points. They scored 89 points on day 2 and unfortunately were unable to make the finals. Brent 32, Piet 30, Mark 27 points. Total points 189. 

The Frog team were 17 points behind the leaders after day one and needed an exceptional day 2 at Umdoni to make the finals. They scored 88 points. Fanie 32, Dieter 30 and Marius 26 which meant he had to wear the green shirt for the first time in his St Cathryn’s Inter Club career. The Frogs were also not able to make the finals. Total points 178.  

The Snr team were again the winners of the internal competition between the two teams. 

Brent on a total of 66 points was the winner of the individual trophy for most combined points over the weekend. 

Thank you to the 6 players who represented St Cathryn’s once again. The weekend was a great success with new friends being made. 

St Cathryn’s and the players would like to thank PLENNEGY for sponsoring the team again. We are very appreciative of the support we get from PLENNEGY and the teams looked very smart in their kit. 

The players are also very grateful to St Cathryn’s for paying the entry fee and sponsoring some refreshments for the weekend. 

The next Farmers Agri-care Monthly Mug will be held on Saturday 13 November 2021, and Saturday 18 December 2021 will be the first Farmers Agri-care Monthly Mug for 2022. On Saturday night 18 December 2021 we will hold the AGM and Report back meeting as well as the Members Dinner. On Sunday 19 December 2021 all the past Farmers Agri-care Monthly Mug winners for 2021 compete for the “Jug of Mugs”. The Family day away will be held at Camelot GC near Hillcrest on Thursday 30 December 2021.