The Farmers Agri-care Monthly Mug and Mug of mugs was only played late in December, 21st and 22nd, but there was “no stop” in Dieter Meyer that weekend. Not only was he voted the, “Players player of the year” at the report back meeting but he also recieved the “Player of the year” award, Grand Prix winner and walked away with the Farmers Agri-care monthly mug prize for the December Mug, but also won the 2019 Mug of Mugs.


1st Dieter Meyer nett 71

2nd Merwin Rabe nett 74

3rd Owen Naidoo nett 77

4th Josh Meyer nett 80 o.c.o

5th Steven van der Merwe.

Nearest to pin 9/18th: Gareth Larken

Nearest to pin for 2 on the 17th: David Cunningham.

Best Greytown golfer : Owen Naidoo.

Best senior golfer: Kelvin Price.

Captains Putter : Mariaan van Wyk.

The next Farmers Agri- care monthly mug will be played on the 25th of January 2020.

With the Mullers on holiday in George a depleted, Mug of Mugs had the following results:

1st Dieter Meyer nett 74

2nd Merwin Rabe nett 76

3rd Fanie van Wyk nett 80

The family day played at Gowrie GC, was played in misty wet Midlands weather, on 27 December 2019. Golfers from Greytown joined us for the day and this lead to an unofficial test against Greytown. The format was betterball and the individual players scores were added together and then divided by the number of players and both teams had six players. Mike Barrow was the wild card in the Greytown team and was cause for much laughter, comments and really enjoyed his outing.

1st Merwin Rabe and Deon Hellberg 40 points

2nd Piet Nel and Thuba Mzila 36 points

St Cathryn’s 164 points and 27.33 individual

Greytown 158 points and 26.33 points individual.

Mention must be made of what happened on Boxing day on the course. There were seven father and daughter golfers / caddies / helpers on the course.

Tubby Larkan played with daughter Stephanie caddying.

Erwin Brunkhorst had daughter Minette (and grand daughter Mia) spectating.

Richard Robins played with his daughter Amanda Barton and husband Calvin Barton.

Then there was Rob Tarr and daughter Emma caddying with birthday boy brother Matt playing golf with Dad.

Mark Scott and daughter Jemma assisting dad with driving the cart.

Dawie Pieterse with daughter caddy Mary-Kate and Dawie junior helping and then Louise Nel had to help her dad Piet to pull in a broken down golf cart. Thank you all young ladies and for your assistance to making St Cathryn’s a truly fun filled family golfcourse.

This Friday 10 January 2020 we will have our “Back to School – Build – A – Burger” for supper – to book for Supper or golf please contact the club 082 555 2661 or Piet 083 269 1661.